Whole Cellars is glad to offer these fine beers from some of our favourite breweries across Western Canada

Star Creek IPA 6pc
Red Rage 6pc
People Skills 6pc
Flat Caps 6pc
Tool Box 6pc

Dry Hopped Kettle Sour 4pc
River Session Ale 4pc
Longshadow IPA 4pc
Ichorous Imperial Stout 4pc
Burbank Series Old No.1 4pc
American Brown Ale 4pc


Village Wit 6pb
Village Blonde 6pb
Village Blacksmith 6pb & 12pb
Village Squeeze 6pb
Village Sampler 12pb


Wild Rose IPA 6pb
Wild Rose Sampler 12pb
Wild Rose Electric Ave 6pb
Wild Rose Cow Bell 6pb
Wraspberry Ale 6pb & 6pc
Wild Rose Barracs Brown 6pb
Velvet Fog 6pb & ppc
Cherry Porter Growler 1L


The Dandy Edition Bier 650ml
Oyster Stout 650ml
One Cielle Maitresse Grisette 650ml
Byt Eng Summer Ale 650ml


Pesky Pig Pale Ale 6pc
Open Road American Brown ale 6pc


The Griz Pale Ale 6pc
Fernie Singshot IPa 6pc
Project 9 Pilsner 6pc


Session Pale Ale 4pc


Naked Woodsman Pale Ale 4pc
White Raven IPA 4pc
Black Spruce Porter 4pc
The Hermit 4pc (Collaboration of Bench Creek and Ribstone Creek Brewery)


Oldman Porter 6pc
Rangeland Pale Ale 6pc
Bison Indian Pale Ale 6pc
Twin Creek 4PC (Collaboration of Bench Creek and Ribstone Creek Brewery)


Phillips Ginger Beer 650ml
Blue Buck Ale 6pc
Phillips Showcase mixer pack 12pc


Parallel 49 pale ale 12PC
Jerkface 6pc
Grapefruit 6pc


Hoppin Cretin IPA 650ml
Tuff Sesssion Ale 650ml
Dark Lager 650ml


I’m so Freaking Hoppy 650ml
Peach & Cream 650ml


Fat Tire Amber Ale 6pb
Lead Dog Black Ale 6pb
Maui Brewing Blonde 6pb
Rougue Snow IPA 650ml
Trappist Rochefort 8 750ml
Blanche De Chambly 750ml
Cannery Brewing Naramata Bworn Ale 650ml
Bent Stick Swaps the Hops 650ml